Integral Management Solution

Control and Traceability for Industrial Laundries, consisting of industry-leading software, RFID technology and state-of-the-art reading portals for total control of business processes.

What are the costs to your business from inventory losses and leaks?

  • 4 % to 224 % to 22% is the level of leakage and shrinkage in the inventories of linen, towelling and uniforms.
  • High costs invested in human resources for inventory control.
  • Information error coordinates.
  • Conflicts with clients due to lack and/or precariousness of documentation supporting the clothing movement.

Our Proposal

  • Electronic control of target inventories and uniformity.
  • Real-time leak/shrink alerts.
  • Historical traceability by RFID radio frequency technology.
  • Electronic control of clothing rotation.
  • Eradicating the need for manual counts and inventories
  • Electronic control of minimum and maximum stocks per deposit.
  • Report automation.
  • Automatic printed documentation of each movement of clothing.

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